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Multi Player Soccer Manager
By D&H
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #72

It's a game of two halves and you'll need to control both.

Multi Player Soccer Manager

It's tough at the top. Your boys have played out of their skins to make it to the top of the League, with just a few games remaining. A sound thrashing of the local rivals leaves you amongst the final eight of the cup. Your bank balance has never looked so healthy. Your future is looking rosy until that is, you read the newspapers and find you that your unruly followers have led to your team being banned from the glory of Europe.

Yes, all this and more could be yours in the latest footy offering from D&H Games. Not only do you get the chance to manage your favourite team to the top, but three of your mates get to do the same as well; should really hot up the competition.

OK, I know we've had just one or two footy management games before now, but from the looks of the menus in this one, it seems to be the ultimate.

Multi Player Soccer Manager

There are 64 teams in all in the four divisions. Once you decide to take one over, it's all yours, lock, stock and barrel. You're got to look after the players, the scouts, the physios, the coaches, just about everything really, and don't forget to keep the bank manager sweet, or things could go horribly wrong.

Beat the others to the best transfer deal and make sure your sponsors are happy with your wheeling and dealing before you get underway with the 30 week season.

If you've got your best squad out there, you've got a chance. Train them well, keep them happy with a few bonuses if they perform well, and for those that don't, there's always a sacking option open to you.

Multi Player Soccer Manager

Continued success will bring the crowds reeling in to see your boys. A televised outing will do you no harm either, but you'll have to be prepared for the likelihood of crowd violence in a capacity filled stadium.

At the end of the day, it's a funny old game and you'll need a fair amount of skill to do the double. Keep the crowd happy with your team performances and don't be miserly with your retirement deals, you need all the good press you can get to survive in the heady world of professional football.

For those of you who like the game and enjoy a fair amount of strategy, Multi Player Soccer Manager will be a joy to play, with some excellent icon controlled entry, clear graphics and a real atmosphere to savour. Even if you think you've had your fill of football games, get a copy of Multi-Player Soccer Manager anyway, it'll be money well spent.

John Taylor

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