Commodore User


Publisher: Atlantis
Machine: Commodore Vic 20

Published in Commodore User #21


This is not the most exciting game available for the basic machine, but with four screens it isn't bad. Load up and pick your way through the first maze, shove the key in your pocket and make for the door which is the cue for the next frame to flip up.

A maze would hardly be worth its salt without predatory monsters... these are continuaously re-defined splodges, an imitation of shimmering megagnats, I suppose, except these don't bit they drain you dry instead. So get squirting with the fly spray. The unwary could well fall into a trap door and re-emerge near a big buzzer with no time to turn and fire.

The red brick room is a doddle but the coal cellar takes some exploring before you make good your escape 'cos you need to discover the passages in the inky blackness. As I never completed the blue room, the last screen remains an unknown quantity.

The sound effects are jolly enough but the animation is somewhat flickery.