Commodore User


Publisher: DK Tronics
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #21


The game manages - just about! - to capture some of the atmosphere of the TV programme.

All the familiar names and places are featured in the game: Inspector Chisholm, 'Er indoors, the Winchester Club, and the Lock-Up - they're all here - everything has been thought of.

The aim of the game is not surprisingly to make as much money as possible by becoming Arthur Daley for a fortnight.

You begin the game with a bank balance of £20,000 from which money is deduced every time you buy something - or pay Terry to do a job.

Minder is really just a trading game - though the graphics' attention to detail allow you to lose yourself in it - despite its simplicity.

When someone talks to Arthur - either at the Winchester or in Terry's flat - the text appears in a panel at the bottom of the screen - as the lips of the person move. This was a nice touch.

when the Winchester is full of people you choose the face you want to talk to by pressing the number on the keyboard corresponding to the one beside the required person.

When Arthur decides he wants to leave the Winchester and visit his lock-up, Terry's flat, or go home - a car scene appears with our hero at the wheel of his Jag with the Minder theme tune playing.

As I have said - a fairly simple trading game. If you are a Minder fan then you will be amused by this game. If you had never heard of Arthur Daley and Terry McCann you probably wouldn't be quite as impressed. Review based on Spectrum version.