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Manchester United Europe
By Krisalis
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #85

A corking follow-up which takes the Red Devils out onto the Continent.

Manchester United Europe

Manchester United has always been one of the glamour teams, managing to stay in the spotlight at all times, regardless of its performances at home or abroad. Kicking off this season with yet another series of terrific wins, has again brought the closet followers out into the open, which makes the release of this particular blast very well-timed indeed.

Picking up where the original left off, this is your chance to take over the mighty Mancunians and do your worst against some excellent European competition in the European Cup, European Cup Winners Cup, UEFA Cup, European Soccer Cup and The World Club Championships in Japan.

Is that enough for you to be going on with? It certainly should be. Starting off, you get the choice to play the arcade section only, which basically means playing the footle on pitch only, the management section only, which allows you to duck and dive to maintain a full strength team at all times, bargaining for transfers and watching for player fitness at all times, or a combination of the two, which is certainly a full time occupation.

Featuring a host of new options, the gameplay is superb, allowing you to put nifty after-touches to all of your shots, substitute players and put in some tremendous slide tackles.

Be careful though, for a mistimed tackle could earn you a caution, or even a red card. With an incredible 170 European teams to take on in all, there is certainly no lack of variety. There are even a few South American teams thrown in to add a little more spice.

On the management side of things, you have all of the MUFC favourites to choose from, keeping a close eye on their statistics and previous performances.

Tactics are important, so gen up before each match to make sure your set pieces are going to work and you can also vary the length of each match to suit your whim.

At any time during the game, a friendly match with any opponent can be arranged, to test your team's mettle, and you can also keep a constant update on your cup performances throughout. Very handy indeed.

Even more handy is the subtle cheat option, allowing you to duck out of the season at any time, should you feel that your performance is not up to scratch.

With the option to save and load games, improve your players' skills and with the refined on-pitch player controls, Manchester United Europe is a brilliantly conceived offering, taking into account all of the points put forward by users of the first blast, to create a wellbalanced, fun-to-play footle bash that'll keep you busy for hours.

Jim Johnson

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