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Mama Llama
By Llamasoft
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #20

Mama Llama

Mama Llama is another comic shoot-'em-up which pretends to be very different, and very wacky but is plain boring.

You're supposed to spirit a mummy llama and her two sprogs across lots of screens whilst shooting holes in yaks and goats and other shaggy critters with a 'killdroid'.

The action takes place on planet Led-Zepp IV (groan!), and you have to gain more energy through reGenesis (howl), which you do by sitting down. This is how aging '60s rock fans renew their energy.

The turgid bumph which comes with the game urges you to preserve your spatial awareness and apologises for the lack of a Genesis soundtrack. Well, I didn't need one to cure my insomnia - I just put on the game, then I demonstrated my idea of spatial awareness on the cassette. I lobbed it in the bin. Llamasoft fans will love it!