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Macadam Bumper

Published in Amstrad Computer User #74

Macadam Bumper

Pinball freaks, eat your hearts out and make sure you get this one in for the Festive Season. Featuring all the normal thrills and spills of pinball simullators, this little gem also lets you design your own table, so you can make the game as devilish or as easy as you like with an easy-to-use icon-driven menu system.

Using the existing parameters, you can get up to four players on any one table and even tilt to make the most out of your play. Just like the real thing!

To make matters even better, just about all of these parameters can be altered, giving you extra elasticity on the cushion bands and bumpers, extra spring on the ball release and you can even increase the speed of the ball.

Chuck in your coins, set up your challenge and get set for some of the smoothest pin action in town.