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Lords Of Time
By Level 9 Computing
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #3

Lords Of Time

There are nine valuable treasures dotted around time in the form of hourglasses - these must be used to defeat the nine evil Lords Of Time. Again, like all the Level 9's I have come across, the descriptions are perfect. to give you a clear picture, accounting for the absence of graphics. The problems set, begin at the easiest and work up to very hard, yet each minute you're thinking of how to do this, or work out that, it's still enticing you with such goodies as how to get into a red Porsche, how to get the coin from the compost heap and how to find a tooth for the poor tooth fairy. All these and much more make the adventure very enjoyable to play, and, as I said before, 'enticing' you further with humour.