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By Commodore
Commodore 16

Published in Commodore User #23


Locomotion is a Casey Jones style (no, not cheeseburgers) railway game where you have to switch points to avoid collisions with the runaway trains. There are two ways to play, as a strategy challenge, or just a straight arcade game. The strategy game - levels 1-4 - is the most enjoyable.

Here you have to collect trucks full of gold and deliver them to the bank. The trucks are left at random around the network in odd sidings. To pick up a truck you reverse into it at no more than twenty miles an hour. Any faster and you crash.

As you travel the system you will spot a truck, possibly several tracks away. The challenge now is to switch points, and reverse back and forth until you can make the pick up.

Only three trucks can be coupled at any given time and you must also watch the indicator below the game window to check the contents of each truck connected. Various cargoes have different uses. The sheriff protects you from the outlaws that are dotted around the countryside looking menacing on their horses. There are also bridge parts, rails, explosives, livestock and fuel in some of the trucks. It's good fun to play despite rather basic graphics and slightly sluggish controls.

The higher levels are really just a test of reflexes. The train is kept at a constant 60mph on these levels and you don't run out of fuel, however far you travel. The objective is simply to stay alive, to avoid the runaway trains, and prevent crashes by swift point changes.

If you played any of these train games in the arcades and liked them then this does provide a good copy to play at home.