Future Publishing

By Mindscape International Inc
Amiga 500

Published in Ace #055: April 1992


Knightmare, based on the children's TV series of the same name, can best be described as Captive with new graphics. The similarities are hardly surprising - both were written by Tony Crowther, the man who has been responsible for more games than Mr. Waddingtons.

And, as anyone who has played Captive will realise, this is not such a bad thing. The action is depicted in bitmapped view-down-the-corridor 3D, with the player able to move around the puzzle and monster-strewn-labyrinths with ease. It's not particularly original or ground-breaking, but anyone who enjoys a good RPG - and Captive, in particular - will be more than happy with this.

My only serious quibble is whether kiddy fans of the TV show will find its slightly cerebral nature appealing.