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Kennedy Approach
By Microprose
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #23

Kennedy Approach

Kennedy Approach is an air traffic control simulation based around some very impressive speech synthesis. You literally talk the approaching planes down as they circle the airports.

To make contact with an incoming place you position a grid over the plane with the joystick. Press the fire button and the computer speaks the name of the flight, its flight number, and issues its instructions. The altitude, bearing and direction are all adjusted to meet the tower's orders.

As well as keeping a constant check on the positions of all aircraft there are additional hazards - such as mountains, severe weather and even over-cautious security forces in Washington who will shoot you out of the sky if you fly too low over the White House.

At the end of a shift your performance is measured and you are paid accordingly. Bonuses are awarded for successful landings, proper exits, and emergencies handled correctly.

If you commit any major errors, such as a crash or missed exit, you are sacked and your career as an air traffic controller is at an end. If you do make mistakes the game enables you to view an action replay.

Kennedy Approach is an excellent strategy game. If you prefer the deeper, more involved type of game then this is definitely for you.

After playing it for a couple of hours you begin to feel some of the power, and tension, or a real-life air traffic controller.

'Wild' Bill Steeley and the MicroProse team have come up with another excellent flight game. Deserves to do as well as Solo Flight.