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ST Format

Jupiter's Masterdrive
By Action 16
Atari ST

Published in ST Format #34

Jupiter's Masterdrive

Wahay, we're in the future... again. Sport's been banned everywhere on Earth, so it's all been transferred to Jupiter and its moons - well, car racing has, at least.

Yes it's a racing game, with each moon of Jupiter having two tracks to compete on and their difficulty level increasing with their distance from Jupiter. Or, alternatively, you can head straight for Jupiter itself and take part in a tournament which spans every track in sequence. Whatever you do, you always end up whizzing around a track viewed from overhead, collecting the useful gadgets and avoiding all those nasty gadgets - like fuel and glue respectively.

Controls are quite straightforward: Fire if you want to accelerate, left and right to - er, go left and right and... you get the picture. There's not a great deal to the game really - it's more like those old TV games that were around about 1982. The graphics and sound are unremarkable, as is the whole game, really. Nice for those with a car/planet fixation though.