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Jupiter's Masterdrive
By Action 16
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #11

Jupiter's Masterdrive

Hurrah! It's a reappearance of the Ubi Soft driving gae with a name so wacky you'll probably have to take a couple of aspirin after reading it. And what a splendid game it is too. On the surface, it's a simple overhead-view racing game with smoothly scrolling courses and smart (if slightly spooky) graphics.

Probe a little deeper, however, and you'll realise that your car's actually racing round the moons of Jupiter, with you driving it by remote control. Weird! To spice things up even further, the courses are littered with stuff that, sort of, 'does things' when you drive over it.

Best of all, though, each car is equipped with a gun to take out its opponents. This can be upgraded between races, along with your engine, brakes, etc. It's monstrously playable, just as much fun as Super Sprint, Supercars or any of the other games it's based on, and certainly on a par with Codies' games of the same ilk. A 'definite', in other words.

The Bottom Line

Nothing spectacular, just lots of Gallic fun at a "you're laughing" price.

Jonathan Davies

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