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Into The Eagle's Nest
By Pandora
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #30

Into The Eagle's Nest

Ach so, der Britischer Amerikanischer schwein are invading der strongholdings of der commander of der glorious armed forces. Vehaff already captured three of zem, but zis vun has der magic shoot-en-bangen machine-gun mit der 300 round capacity magazines.

Ve must not make life too hard for him, und zo ye leave plenty of der boxes of ammunition lying about. Ze people who really nead it on ze front vill haff to wait. He need not vorry too much about being schott. Der guards hardly ever use der guns, und even if zey did hit him, he You'd not know it. Zis is probably vy dercursed Kaptain K.E. Parker of der dreaded Pandora Software squad has not put in ze screen any vay of telling der health of der Britischer.

Der guards are so dim zat zey lock der doors und leave der keys lying on der floor, just vere der Britischer can find zem. Zis is probably just as Yell, or zey vould vander avay und get lost.

To keep him up on ze end of der toes, ve haff lots of der locked interesting boxes lying about too. Ven der looting Britischer finds vun, he shoots off derlid. Inside is maybe der jewels, der gold or maybe der dynamite. Ho ho. Mit der sprengstoffenuppenstuffen und gamen ended.

As veil as shooting der holes in der guards und der boxes, some of der doors (by some oversight) half been made of ordinary wood und are schotten through mit der shoot-en-firen machine gunnen. Der person responsible for zis oversight vill be found und deprived of next month's ACU after joining der three other Britischers yehaff caught for ein little torture party. Ve haff vays of making you buy ACP For ein Britischer, Lt. R. A. Chapman has surpassed himself und a few others mit der qualitait of zer graphics. All ze aktion is seen from zer bird's eye view (or is zat der eagle's eye view? Ho ho, eine kleine joke).

Zer guards are looking like from zer Colditz, zer enemy is looking like zer Robert Redford. Schould der Robert Redford lookalike successfully release der prisoners und detonate zeir explosivstoffe zat ye half carelessly left vere zey put it, ye vill be in der schtuck.

Zis style of writing der reviews is not intendings to insult any of der German or Austrian peoples. It is being done to vind upzer spelling checker of der glourious editor.


Some games grow on you. Others grow best in compost. This one definitely is for me, and I think, possibly for you too. I could sit in the Ed's office for ages playing this with his nifty joystick, and probably would have if I'd not got hungry.

This is a good shoot-up and a mazey adventure game to boot. If only there had been more of a status line. The end sneaks up suddenly on you, and you don't know when to start. heading for the nearest first aid box. Apart from that, brilliant.


Well it had to happen - a Gauntlet clone with a change of scene. Into The Eagles Nest is WWII Gauntlet, it is one player only and splendid with it.

The enemy sprites are much larger and better animated than those in the US Gold game, the shaded mode U graphics look great and the scrolling smooth.

This is the first game from Pandora and it looks to be a winner. So if you fancy a challenge, a really good shoot-'em-up with nifty graphics then venture Into The Eagles Nest.


I don't usually like World War II games, but this is an exception. Lots of action, a mega-maze, realistic sprites and a true sense of danger. From the loading screen to the game over prompt, Into The Eagles Nest reeks of professionalism.

There is a bit of a Rambo - one man against impossible odds - flavour to it but every time I bit the dust I went back for more.