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By Clares Micro Supplies
Archimedes A3000

Published in Acorn User #090


The object of Interdictor is to beat the enemy. To do this you must capture all the airfields in the valley by destroying their defences and landing. But the 'enemy' will try to recapture the bases by sending trucks from nearly depots (although they can be shot up en route).

However, it is dangerous to fly at 30 feet and aim downwards as many a dead pilot will tell you, so concentrating on demolishing the depots with rockets is a better idea. It is also clever to remove the bridges, again with rockets, before advancing to the next field.

The major selling point of Interdictor is "its super-fast solid graphics and its incredible realism". What graphics there are are quite good although not particularly detailed.

One is hardly thrust into a realistic simulation with only a collection of pyramids and squares to keep you company! About the best visual feature is the bridge - and you're expected to blow this up!

The actual maths in the program - the plotting, calculations and such like - are, to put it bluntly, not very good. In one instance it is possible to fly over two of the mountains, look through your right window and see the further of the two peaks plotted on top of the near one...

Also, rivers and roads tend to break up when you get a certain distance away. This could have been due to numeric accuracy although some provision should have been made to compensate. I can't really criticise the handling of the key although a pilot friend of mine had doubts whether a number of manoeuvres were really possible. Taking off and immediately putting the plane in a vertical climb does seem to be a little far-fetched.

Although the plotting left a bit to be desired, I greatly enjoyed the flying and plpaying aspects of Interdictor, especially when there are missile bases and enemy aircraft to deal with.

The game is generally very good fun to play. However, the enemy headquarters at the end of the valley, which must be destroyed, consists wholly of a small, square orange box. Not only that but the end and beginning of the valley are far too close together, and the valley isn't circular! The Archimedes is surely capable of holding more than seven airfields in memory and can certainly deal with a lot more ground detail.

I very much enjoyed playing Interdictor but I completed it much too soon. Apart from that, not bad.

Amos Beard