Commodore User


Publisher: Ocean
Machine: Commodore Vic 20

Published in Commodore User #21


Quasimodo is hot property in the video world and it's my guess that his hunched back comes from ferrying filthy lucre to the Nat West. With the prospect of sequels-of-sequels to come, his deformity will become an enormity.

There's fifteen screens (wow!) of rampart acrobatics in the basic Vic version: to complete a page you need to jump and swing your way to the bell on t'other side, spurred on by the plight of the luscious Esmerelda awaiting a rescue that's likely to be a long time coming. Time your jumps over the crenulations so as not to dash your brains out on high-flying fireballs, still watching our for sneaky skimmers. Guards are ever ready to probe tender regions with their lances and there is no stopping the geezer in the tin suit trundling along behind. By the time the lady is eventually freed, the deep fiery pit will hold no terrors for you, as familiarity breeds contempt.

Although the animation is jerky the program is well worth latching on to.

Nice to see Ocean launching a Vic game. Game-starved Vic owners will be grateful for the flood of cheapo games coming out for the old micro. But with companies like Bubble Bus (see Cave Fighter) and Ocean launching games for the machine. Vic gamers can also look forward to a bit of quality.