Atari User

Head Over Heels

Author: Neil Fawcett
Publisher: Ocean
Machine: Atari XE/XL

Published in Atari User #28

Head Over Heels

Jon Ritman, who wrote Batman, has now produced Head Over Heels. Although this is another 3D maze runabout, it is quite a different game.

The Blacktooth Empire has been growing steadily for many years, taking over other planets and ruling by oppression.

You now have the opportunity to free these enslaved planets by subverting the Empire and finding the lost crowns. To do this you take control of two agents, Head and Heels from the planet Freedom.

Head Over Heels

Head is descended from a flying reptile and retains his wings, whereas Heels has evolved from an animal and has powerful legs but no arms. Both creatures can operate separately but once you unite them they became a powerful adversary.

Your two heroes start the game in separate cells in Blacktooth's castle. The cells are equipped with exercise equipment including a wall ladder which Head must learn to climb.

You must free and unite them in the marketplace so they can reach Moon base headquarters. From there you can teleport to the planets to search for the missing crowns. All four must be found before you can embark on the final quest.

Head Over Heels

The first planet in the system is Egyptus, a strange world where civilisation seems to revolve round people wrapping corpses in bandages and placing them in pyramids.

The Penitentiary is the Empire's prison planet, from which few return. It also holds the secrets of the Pit.

A densely-vegetated planet known as Safari is the third in the system. Here the natives live in wooden houses and set traps for animals.

Head Over Heels

The final planet is Book World. This is a huge Western library used only by the Emperor and his minions, who are keen on the old West.

The task before you is not as impossible as at first appears, and you will find several objects to help you. Teleports sometimes provide the only access to certain rooms, while springs, switches and conveyor belts can help or hinder you.

Magic items and creatures, such as cuddly bunnies, will also help you for a limited time but they do not always have the same effect on both characters.

Joining Head and Heels and picking up a special power will result in both characters obtaining the new ability. Even if you are not a buyer of 3D games, look at this one - somehow it feels very different from any other game of this type I have played.

Neil Fawcett

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