Commodore User

Ghetto Blaster

Publisher: Virgin Games
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #21

Ghetto Blaster

On loading Ghetto Blaster, you are presented with a superb street scene and foot-tapping hip-hop tune.

The game is set in Funkytown - a place made up of several streets named after some of the authors' favourite songs - all of which come from the 1960s.

Ghetto Blaster brings back Rankin' Rodney - the hero of Jammin' - in an attempt to get some music tapes successfully to the Interdisc studio. Naturally, the nasties have other plans for the said tapes and try to stop you.

Ghetto Blaster

Some of the most vicious of these nasties are the Bandits of the Beat, Gangsters of the Groove, and the Tone Deaf Walkers. The best way to deal with these villains is to make them dance by letting fly with a funky sound from your ghettoblaster that you carry with you at all times on your shoulder. Make sure it's got batteries.

Before you can take the tapes to the studio you have to find them - and they are hidden all over Funkytown. There are shops and houses in all the streets and you search the buildings by entering the red, green and yellow doors.

Ghetto Blaster has the best opening screen of any game I have seen (shown in our screen shot left). The tape turns in the ghettoblaster as the music plays the VU meter dances up and down just as in the real thing.

Ghetto Blaster gives the same high standard of graphics and sound of Bozo and Seaside Special but the gameplay is much more challenging.