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Wizard's Lair
By Bubble Bus
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer News #108


Bubble Bus's first piece of Spectrum software, which owes more than a little to Sabre Wulf, in another attempt at your actual arcade adventure; it spreads 250 screens over seven levels of the caves, rooms and passages making up the Wizard's Lair, into which poor Pothole Pete has stumbled. The only way to escape is by collecting the four scattered pieces of the Golden Lion and negotiating the different levels which are connected by Wardrobe Lifts and Magic Lifts.

There's the usual array of weaponry to help you, and an ever-diminishing supply of energy to go with each of your four lives. As well as bits of old lion, you can amass diamonds and rings out of sheer greed, and keys to help you open some of the doors.

As well as an array of goodies there's naturally an even bigger array of baddies.

The graphics are well done, and play is fast and furious. Several joysticks are catered for and you can define your own keys. Even without the complexity of Sabre Wulf, the game is much more accessible to the more humble player. If you've mastered the harder examples of this type, it would prove a disappointment, but otherwise it's thumbs up.

Mike Gerrard

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