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By Interceptor Micros
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer News #082


The trouble with being in the building trade is the way your customers tend to fuss around you while you're working. Normally this is just annoying, but in Tiler where you goal is to tile Rob Rubber's roof, it's downright dangerous.

Rob, you see, is a man with a problem. It may have just started with a slight spring in his step, but now his condition is such that he just can't stop bouncing and, as he's also swollen up to Michelin man proportions, if he accidentally bounces on top of you - it's curtains.

Unfortunately, the game doesn't seem to have a facility for jumping on his back, grabbing hold of his ears and using him as a spacehopper. The only thing you can do is make your way back and forth between the roof and the stack of tiles, keeping clear of Rob.


The game consists of three screens, each one being a cut-away section of part of the Rubber residence. You start off on the ground floor of the main building, and to get to the tiles you must go through the garage into the garden, up to the tree house, then back onto the garage roof to collect a tile.

You then have to take your tile back the way you came, then up to the attic where you apparently stick it onto the inside of the roof, and go back for the next one.

Along the way, you'll encounter several locked doors which you can only pass by using one of the keys sprinkled around the shop. And things are made more difficult by the stairways being one-way for you. Rob however, cartwheels up and down them with ease.


Visually, the game is a hoot, the detailed graphics being set off nicely by Rob's comic figure bouncing around. But the game isn't all that challenging.

Also the continuing trudge from attic to garage and back can get pretty tedious. The review copy also had a couple of odd flaws in it.

Assuming they are cured Tiler isn't at all a bad little game, but it could really have been a bit more difficult.

John Lettice

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