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Potty Pigeon
By Gremlin
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer News #097


Potty Pigeon is an average arcade game which uses a good variety of colours, but unfortunately hasn't the graphics to go with them.

Percy, dad of three very hungry chicks, has to keep his greedy family supplied with worms which are scattered at random around the screen. But alas, there are dangers involved, for although Percy is blessed with three lives he has to face horrific obstacles.

He has to avoid speedy cars, noisy planes, paratroopers, dogs, cats, creepy spiders, killer Venus snapdragons, frofs, Unidentified Flying Objects and humans - all of which may prevent him from performing his paternal duties. Doing the worm rounds saps Percy's energy and to restore his fading strength he has to eat a Mayfly which hovers at the top of the screen.

Potty Pigeon

With all these dangers it's lucky that Percy is equipped with exploding eggs which he may utilise in several ways. As he ploughs through the eleven sheets, he may bomb a Red Bird (which, incidentally, steals worms from Percy at every opportunity) or he may confuse drivers by dropping these eggs and dirtying the car windscreen.

This effect makes them crash and enables Percy to snatch up the wriggling worm and rush back (carefully) to feed his young chicks.

Compared with the Commodore 64 version this is, I'm afraid, a decidedly poor substitute.

Mike GerrardKaren Isaac

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