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By Phipps Associates
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer News #037

Back To The Greek

After space travel, the Greek legends are proving a fruitful plundering ground for software writers, and this graphics game incorporating two different combat sections casts you in the role of Spectrasses - not the local optician but the village hero.


A chalice has been stolen by Grang, an ancient Greek mugger, and you must recover this and placate the angry gods, who are threatening to flood your village.

One side of the tape has the scenario and instructions, and when you've digested these you load the game side - but don't forget to write down which keys perform which functions in both sections as this information is not on the cassette insert.

In Play


Three levels of play from Super-Hero to Doddle, and you allegedly have three lives, though this is none too sure.

The first section has you challenging Grang's pal Gorgon, who is guarding the entrance to the cave where his mate is hiding. He will pop up behind one of six pillars and stare at you. This is not merely jolly rude of him; it will also turn you to stone, unless you can lift your mirror and reflect the stare back at him.

Two keys move you left and right, and three control the mirror's positions, though don't lift it too soon as it's heavy and soon falls again.


Quite amusing graphics, and quick reflexes are called for, though don't press the Break key to try to see how the program works as your keyboard will get turned to stone and you'll have to reload.

Defeat Gorgon and you'll walk into the cave, where a nice effect has your eyes slowly getting used to the light. Then Grang will approach you, his sword at the ready. You must engage him in combat, matching his strokes and trying to land the occasional thrust.

You each have to be hit several times before you're killed, your respective strengths being shown at the top of the screen. The controls allow you to step back and forward, to move your sword up, down or forward, and to thrust. After a few attempts I did manage to save my village, even if it was the Doddle level.


While the game is fairly entertaining and deserves at least two cheers for originality, I can't say it exactly bowled me over or had me yelling for more.

Mike Gerrard

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