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Operation Safras
By Shards
Dragon 32

Published in Personal Computer News #079


Rupert Pettigrew, the Shards answer to Dan Diamond, is off on his travels again.

The object is to retrieve the Safras' sword from the enemy and return the sword to its rightful home.

Stage one requires considerable observation and some thought to get the code for stage two, which is the adventure proper. In stage two, you have to track down and rescue five agents (as well as the sword). You only have a limited supply of money and time. Fortunately you only need to travel around mainland Britain.

Operation Safras

Four modes of transport are offered: flying, train, hitch-hiking and driving a car. Flying obviously saves you precious time, but costs a fortune and hitching saves the pennies at the expense of time. After many attempts I rescued all the agents and eventually found the sword. The code is given to you straight and it's on to stage three.

The final part is more light-hearted and the emphasis is on sound and graphics (as it is in stage one). Eight tasks have to be completed before you can get the sword home.

The sound (created on Shaper - Shards' own sound effects program), graphics and presentation is a distinct improvement on Pettigrew's Diary. Good value for money.

Jim Ballard

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