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Rock 'N Bolt
By Activision
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer News #107


This game of logic has a thin veneer of arcade action. It's a shapes puzzle, so if you enjoy a cerebral workout and quick thinking you may enjoy it.

You control a hard-hatted, denim-overalled construction worker. The screen shows you arriving by lift next to the blueprint (if any) for that level. The main display is surrounded by the brown frame of the building, within which are light green girders on a blue background. Some of the girders slide from left to right, others up and down. Some are single squares with a central dot; longer ones may have a dot at each end. This dot is where you must stand to press fire, which spins you round as you fix the girder in place. If the girder's correctly placed, the dot turns black.

Each bolt secured earns you dollars, but unbolting costs you. Earnings and deductions are shown at the top of the screen, i.e. on the far side on the building - the perspective is from above and slightly to one side.

There's a practice level with unlimited men, no timer, and no money. Timed options two and three give you three lives, and timed option three pays better.

Rock 'N' Bolt is an unusual game and its driving background music adds tension to the action. But it won't appeal to everyone, especially not at the price.

Mike Gerrard