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By Leisure Genius
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer News #097


Leisure Genius is well known for its skill in faithfully translating the most popular board games, such as Scrabble, Kensington and Cluedo, to the home computer. Now it's turned its attention to the Big Daddy of them all, Monopoly.

Up to six players can take part, any one of whom can be taken by the computer. You may opt to play out the game or set a time limit. Board, border and token colours may be changed at any time. You get to choose your favourite token and deciding who goes first is accomplished by the computer - cast dice rolled across the board.

The familiar Monopoly board occupies the top half of the screen. Pressing D rolls the dice again, and the player's token advances around the board. The lower half of the screen scrolls to the right and shows, in large size, the square you are currently on, plus the next three.

Making all the usual Monopoly transactions is very simple. Pressing a single initial letter (e.g. M for Mortgage), and following the prompts, allows you to find out who owns what, and enables you to trade, mortgage properties, buy and sell houses and hotels, and so on.

Auctioning of properties is handled very neatly. The current bid appears and the bidder's number is highlighted. A new bid is made by entering your player number and then your bid. A time limit is set, the end of which is denoted by the words "Going... Going...", and an auctioneer's gavel thumping down, making the board shake! The computer looks after all the player's property records, and finances, but you must make your own claims for rent - just like the board game. Community chest and Chance cards are displayed and acted upon at the appropriate time. Well recommended.

Bob Chappell