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Way Out
By Sirius
Atari 800

Published in Personal Computer News #042

Maze Chase

Three dimensional maze games aren't news any more. So why was Way Out recently voted as having the best American computer graphics of the year? Well, this game has two very special features - realistic, high speed movement and a Cleptangle.


Simply go into any one of 26 different mazes and find the way out. The door locks behind you as you enter, so forget about sneaking out the way you came in. To help you find the exit, you are supplied with a compass and a mapmaker. Just one snag - the playful Cleptangle scampers about the maze and, given half a chance, runs off with your compass or mapmaker or both. You get them back by chasing and catching up with the Cleptangle - if you can. The wind blows in a constant direction and careful study of native fireflies will help you gauge its direction - it sometimes blows from the way out. It sometimes blows a mite too strong as well.

In Play

What you see if a wide-angled three-dimensional, eye-level view of the section of the maze ahead of you. As you move about, your view of the open-topped maze changes smoothly and accurately with your line of sight, even with the smallest of movements. The effect is awe-inspiring.

Moving the joystick starts you in the chosen direction, your speed picking up automatically. Bump into a wall and you just bounce off with consequent loss of speed.

What sets your pulse racing is the sound of the approaching Cleptangle.

The real fun of this game is chasing the Cleptangle. It gives away its nearby presence by emitting an alarm and once it's in your view, you must charge off in pursuit, swerving and swivelling at high speed through the maze. The Cleptangle may corner itself in a dead end, whereupon it twirls faster than Jane Torville, and tries to slip by you. If you meet it head on, you get your belongings back and the Cleptangle pushes off.


Although the sight of bare maze walls can get a bit monotonous, the realism of movement in Way Out never ceases to be astounding. Forget about finding the way out - enjoy a superb high-speed chase after a Cleptangle.

Bob Chappell

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