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Galdregon's Domain
By Pandora
Amiga 500

Published in Commodore User #66

Galdregon's Domain

It had to happen. Sooner or later. Here it is: the first of the Dungeon Master clones.

Galdregon's Domain is a little run of the mill. Adventure games have always played a large part in the software market and, up until recently, have been text-based, with one or two rare exceptions. Then came Dungeon Master, the first 16-bit icon-controlled adventure. It featured 'real' 3D first-perspective-views and on-screen-manual-manipulation. Now comes Galdregon's Domain.

Control is via the mouse and a group of icons at the bottom of the screen. At the bottom right are the four movement icons (rotate left, rotate right, move forward, more backward). On the bottom left are six icons which do all the adventure bits. First of these is the attack icon; this brings up a sub-menu of all the weaponry you're carrying, including your fists. Click on one of the items, and you are prompted to select an enemy. Click onto one of these on the main screen (see later) and you are greeted with a nice effect which tells you whether or not you're hit. Next to that icon is your compass. Then there's your scroll inventory, which lets you use any scrolls you've collected. Next to that is the game action menu. This presents you with a list of options such as open/close door, lock/unlock door and talk (if there is anyone to talk to).

Above that is the main screen. This gives you a fairly detailed first person view of your surroundings, including any people in the area. The interiors of buildings are fairly bland and get a little repetitive; but, outside, there are some pretty breathtaking view to be found. But one funny thing is, it seems that everyone in the world looks like one of four different people.

The sound is great. Lots of 'ughs' and 'aarghs', while in combat and a pretty loading tune put it slightly above your average Amiga soundtrack.

What do I think of it? I normally like this kind of game; but I couldn't help getting really bored after about thirty minutes of play! There just isn't enough variation in the game to make it lasting, which I remember is exactly the same problem with Dungeon Master. Maybe the next one will be fun. Let's hope so.

Tony Dillon

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