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Fireman Sam
By Alternative
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #89

Fireman Sam

Here's a little outing that's an absolute gem for the young at heart, though it's no picnic for the more advanced player either.

Take on the role of the well known character Fireman Sam, the hero next door, and rush around the streets of picturesque Pontypandy, performing all the tasks within the time limits.

First of all, you must douse the flames at the burning house, speeding to the scene in Jupiter, the fire engine, and cleaning up before your time runs out.

Fireman Sam

Next, it's off to rescue Naughty Norman, who's got his head stuck in the railings. Here you must enlist the help of your friends to pull the bars apart in double time.

Manage that, and it's up the ladder, scaling the front of Price's Shop to rescue a trapped kite. Be careful to avoid the obstacles and remember to keep your balance at all times, or things could get very hairy.

Your last duty is to race around Pontypandy, picking up various lost items. Again, the clock is against you, so put your foot down.

Fireman Sam is a brilliantly devised outing, featuring superb graphics, and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. If you don't perform all your tasks, then Fire Officer Steele will be waiting at the station to issue you with a warning. Three of these, denoted by the envelopes in the status screen, and your career is all over. You have been warned.

If you like your gaming with a lighthearted touch, then this one is a must.