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Atari 400/800/600XL/800XL/130XE

Published in Atari User #9


Elektraglide is a superb new driving game from English Software. Throw away Pole Position and all its clones - this is the one you want.

The insert describes it as a "fantasy racing epic" which sums it up neatly.

It's fantasy because a variety of obstacles come bouncing down from the sky to impede your progress. If real driving ever gets like this I'll go back to walking.

Elektra Glide

It's racing against the clock because you've only got a fixed time to reach the next section. The countdown timer on the left of the display shows how long you have remaining. When it hits zero, you've failed.

In addition to being a great game with really good graphics, the program has a few other refinements. For example, there is a choice of three "steering control envelopes" so you can choose the one which best suits your joystick.

When the standard Atari joystick I found the lightest control gave me the better chance of avoiding the obstacles.

Elektra Glide

Then there's the three tracks to choose from - Britain, America or Australia. The tracks may not seem all that different in play, but it's lovely the way the shape changes as yo select each track from the option screen.

You don't have to steer round the bends, but there's enough to worry about without that. Of course you do have to steer at fork junctions and there are bends in the tunnels too.

All in all, Elektraglide is frantic arcade action which demonstrates the real power of the 8-bit Atari. English Software should have another winner on their hands with this one.

The 48K cassette costs £8.95. The disc version costs £12.95.

Pat Cookson

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