Commodore User

Doodle Bug

Publisher: Mastertronic
Machine: Commodore Vic 20

Published in Commodore User #21

Doodle Bug

I really did think the Pacman had died of indigestion, brought on by a surfeit of patched pixels, many moons ago. Now it seems the lads and laddies of Mastertronic have dished out a hefty dose of Milk of Magnesia and revived the old charmer.

This is not a straight implementation of the game that launched a bitter law suit... the wobbly ghosts are transmuted into blockheads (why the mighty muncher should be the same shape beats me), there aren't any power pills but turnstiles have been shoved in through which you can spin.

Unfortunately, many Vics generate a pallid yellow which renders the good parcels indistinct against the whole background. A choice of six tempos is offered with one to five chasers. Clear the screen and a mildly entertaining strobing effect is your reward.

I found it about as addictive as a tip to the dentist but then I've got Jelly Monsters if I want a burst of pacmania. Doodle Bug is fine if you must have a maze gobbler, but not brilliant.