Commodore User

Death Race

Publisher: Atlantis
Machine: Commodore Vic 20

Published in Commodore User #21

Death Race

Atlantis have chosen a macabre insert illustration for this 3D road race program. The road is dead straight but it is in perspective. To earn the victor's laurel wreath, you have to zip past 70 cars within 80 seconds; trouble is, the other drivers have obviously tanked up on the hard stuff rather than petrol causing them to wobble all over the road.

The source starts in the shadow of sky-scrapers then hammers out across a dazzlingly bright desert before reaching green fields which in turn give away to a pine forest. There's more to come as the road skirts a lake then shoots out across a bridge... making for another city. And so it goes on, with both night and day driving conditions. Next time round, if you have any lives left, there's a meagre 60 seconds allowed. As you accelerate up to 300mph the engine roar increases in pitch: this is not a game for lovers of peace and quiet.

Miles better than the aerial-view race games that used to plague the Vic... come to think of it, it's pounds cheaper too.