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ST Format

Combo Racer
Atari ST

Published in ST Format #34

Combo Racer

Combo Racer, a bike racing game (yes!) with a difference - the difference being that there's two of you on the bike. Not that it makes the slighest bit of difference when you're playing the game.

As usual, there are plenty of testing, twisty and even turny tracks for you to bomb about with your pal hanging on for dear life in the sidecar things (it must be called something more exciting than "sidecar", surely?). You've got six gears and a maximum speed of 140mph at your disposal, ensuring you get to see plenty of not-really-so-spectacular crashes. By some remarkable quirk of fate, your engine sustains exactly 3% damage every time you crash, so after - er, well, about 33 crashes, you've had it. That's a bit generous, isn't it?

Graphically, the game's got nothing to boast about and, for the brief moment you have the volume up, it sounds something like a Kenwood kitchen blender about to expire. There is a built-in track editor, but this doesn't do much to make the game any more attractive after two or three goes. Passable, but forgettable.