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Championship Golf
By D&H
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #76

There's no point in being par for the course if you want to win the big money.

Championship Golf

It's the British Open You're standing up there on the green at the Eighteenth, with the famous clubhouse in front of you and Nick Faldo breathing over your shoulder, his own birdie already safely down the hole.

The Championship rests on this last shot. Put it down and you'll be a rich man. Miss it and you'll still be wealthy, but who wants to be a runner-up?

Fighting your way to the top of the professional golf ladder is no easy task, but with this smart offering from D&H Games, you can get there without having to slog around the course on a wet and windy Sunday morning.

Linking up with forty professionals, Championship Golf gives you the chance to train, take part in practice rounds and go for the top prizes at real courses, including the British Open.

On top of that, you also get a host of other options to choose from. Do you need to take out a loan to see you over that rough patch? Or is there an amiable sponsor out there who's got enough faith in your swinging arm to cough up the necessaries?

As you take part in the various tournaments, you'll find your handicap improving and you may even need to keep an eye on the world rankings to see if you're coming up to scratch.

If you do make it into the big league, then get set to do the world tour alongside the likes of Faldo, Rivero, Woosnam; you name them, they're all there and, if you can make an impact on the prize money league, you're doing well indeed. Will you do well enough to pay your debts? That's up to you and your clubs.

However, if you fancy your chances in a particular event, why not have a little flutter on yourself to get a bit of money in through the back door. Immoral? Never!

So, pick your favourite player, preferably one who's on form, and pit your wits against the best of the rest in the battle for the big stakes.

If you're into golf in a big way, or you're a freak for strategy games, Championship Golf should be right up your street. There's enough choice from the options menu to keep your interest going and, when the big event's trail draws to a close, you'll be on the edge of your seat to see whether you're going to be in there at the last as overall champion.

This is definitely not for shootie freaks, or for those who want colourful screens and non-stop action, but if you like your gameplay on the sedate side, why not give it a whirl?

John Taylor

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