Commodore User

Carry On Laughing

Publisher: Livewire
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #21

Carry On Laughing

I could hardly contain myself as I waited for this game to load. I had visions of all my old favourites starring in this game. There would be saucy Barbara Windsor, hilarious Sid James, Hatty Jakes and all the team.

But alas - none of this. The game loaded to reveal a simple platform game with fairly average graphics.

Set inside a crazy school "St Hexadecimals, an infamous school for demented programmers".

Carry On Laughing

You play the part of the hard-pressed caretaker - Mr. Livewire - who has to clean up the classrooms after the unruly mob of student programmers have done their worst to wreck them.

The action begins in the Dining Hall where a giant jam roll machine has gone out of control and is spewing out puddings as fast as the pupils can eat them.

Above each of the four tables is an X. Mr. Livewire has to jump up and touch these Xs to turn them into ticks. To do this, he will need to hop aboard the floating bubbles that will take him up to the top levels.

Should our brave caretaker make contact with any jam rolls on his quest then it is curtains and he'll have to begin again.

One really annoying thing about Carry On Laughing is that, every time you are killed, you have to wait several seconds while the game runs through a pointless routine of setting up the play area. First the screen is dragged horizontally into view - then a spray can appears and paints in the colours. It just becomes irritating after a while. I can't really recommend this, it's no more than an average platform game.