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Amstrad Computer User

By The Hit Squad
Amstrad CPC464/664/6128

Published in Amstrad Computer User #84


Roll up shootie freaks, your time has come, as one of the biggest and best trigger-happy blasts hits the budget shelves. We all know the aim of this game: get out there and blow everything away, including buildings, tanks, trucks and enemy troops.

This is pure blast from the word go and should have the sweat pouring off you by the time you get to the end of the first level.

There are five frenetic levels to blast through, each comprising of four separate stages. Your task? Basically, you must blow away all enemies, tanks, helicopters, planes and cars.

Make it through to the fourth level and you'll come up against the big baddie, who's hell-bent on thwarting your progress.

Starting off with an endless supply of machine gun rounds, you can pick up some pretty juicy weaponry, including bazookas, by destroying certain objects.

Use the scenery well to hide yourself from enemy attacks and use your grenades wisely to destroy as much as possible.

Hitting the trucks before they unload is also a good idea in this non-stop action blast.

To keep the action flowing, you also get the chance of one continuation play. Lose all your lives and you get one chance and two more lives to carry on where you left off on your mission.

Fail this time and, unfortunately, it's back to the beginning again. Great graphics, with plenty of variety in backdrops and gameplay, Cabal is an absolute must for trigger happy fiends and a brilliant introduction to the art of all-out combat. Try it if you dare.

Jim Johnson