Commodore User

Brian Bloodaxe

Publisher: The Edge
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #21

Brian Bloodaxe

In the footsteps of programmers' jargon like 'landscaping' and 'movisoff', The Edge now offers 'primary imbalance'. But you don't need to know what primary imbalance is to grasp the essentials of this game or to enjoy playing it.

What we have here is a Jet Set Willy-style platform game. The Edge are obviously not afraid of facing up to this similarity.

The three Brians that march back and forth in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, awaiting their turn, is like an open admission that the game owes a debt to the Software Projects game.

Brian Bloodaxe

The Edge obviously believe that it's a Willy-type game but better, and I must say I am inclined to agree.

A whole hundred screens have to be hopped through in Brian Bloodaxe. But that is not all - many of the screens contain puzzles that need to be solved. Lateral thinking is required here as well as a Peter Pan-like precision in hopping from ledge to ledge.

One of the early puzzles is a snooker table with colourful balls crashing around on the green table. The secret here is to pick up and use the triangle. But just how you use the triangle is for you to find out.

The game is full of challengers of this sort - as well as the normal platform game challenge of working out how you are going to get onto the next screen.

An extremely polished platform game. The Edge set out to outwilly Willy, and they have succeeded. That said - I'm tiring of the genre. It's about time Matthew Smith came up with something new.