Commodore User

Blagger Goes To Hollywood

Publisher: Alligata
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #21

Blagger Goes To Hollywood

Blagger, that rotten little tea leaf from Alligata, is back again with another follow-up. This time he's nipped over the Hollywood to nick the new Steven Spielbaum megadrama.

Whereas Blagger and Son Of Blagger were both platform games, this is more along maze lines. Our intrepid thief must work his way through twelve studio sets collecting articles which will eventually enable him to get into Spielbaum's office and blag the film. Each article is a prop and is related to the twelve characters you run into. Launching the prop at the character will knock it out. However, specific props are needed for each character. You won't get very far throwing money at Jaws, for example. On your filching way through the studio you'll come up against the likes of Superman, Batman, Kojak, Robin Hood, James Bond and the Hulk to name but half of them.

Other obstacles are power fields which you cannot cross and roving Tardis's which pop up frequently and can be eradicated with any prop. Watch out for those walls though because they're like fly paper! Typical objects include eight silver bullet, a POW sign, a gun and a Valium tablet, though what that's for I can't imagine. Whilst the graphics aren't that great, you always know who you're up against because of the great music which accompanies each character.

This is probably the best Blagger so far, it marks a departure of style which is good. Go out and get yourself a copy, but don't follow Blagger's example, buy one instead!