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A.T.V. Simulator
By Codemasters
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #48

A.T.V. Simulator

The first track is kinda sandy, and is guaranteed to cause a tumble until you have had a few goes. You can wheelie the ATV and do a small bunny-hop to clear low objects.

Despite this flexibility, it is guaranteed that you will go too fast, too slow, or perhaps just be wearing the wrong style of shirt. falling off is like breathing - something we all do, but have enormous difficulty trying to stop.

In the euphoria of it all the front wheels will dip, and you can guess the rest.

There are six tracks in all, with a time limit from 40 to 60 seconds on each. They all scroll from right to left and have a tidy, if rather dull, line in background graphics.

Some levels have moving beasties that will do their darndest to knock you off. Animal lovers will soon become animal loathers as yet again the birds in the fifth level topple you from your mount.

The really clever bit is the two-player game, where the screen is split in half and players compete against the clock. Needless to say, this is a little slower than the single player game.

An option exists to switch off the background graphics to give more speed to the game. Having done this, the dual-play mode seems far faster than the original one-player game.

It is even possible to define both players as the same keys, and have races with yourself. Start worrying if one of your wins before track five - it shouldn't be possible.

Nobody is going to lose any sleep over the lack of a loading screen, and the game loads speedily because of this. Its Spectrum origins are clear, although nowhere could this be said to be a disadvantage.

The characters are well animated and move quickly. The nasty birds are a bit blurred but definition doesn't really matter when you are a nasty - it's the presence that counts.


A good few hundred pounds less than the real thing, and much safer to boot. I mean, if you booted an ATV, you'd break your tootsies.

A Whittaker tune and clean graphics make this game fun to be with, and the gameplay keeps you on your toes. I've always wanted to do a wheelie on a crocodile, and this has given me my chance. It's fast and furious, pop pickers, and lots more fun to play than to write about.