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Amstrad Computer User

By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #3


Need I say more than it's a computerised interpretation of Golf? Well, I'll have to. You have this little man who has to whack a ball around a fairway. In the first instance you have your man represented by a small tee. Hitting the ball is easy. Select your club (there is a wide range, all you golfing fanatics). Then choose the direction and the strength of play.

Easy? Well, the handicap system is really rather too hard - especially since as a rookie 16 handicap you seem to have more than your fair share of slices and hooks. I'm told that as your handicap goes down, so you hit further and rather more reliably: but I never got round in better than 20 over par so I never got the password to the next handicap.

Unless you are into golf, the game can get frustrating. After a while, the game becomes a little tedious, especially when I found I was playing three holes in a row that were rather similar! The game gains extra points for the large animated displays that pop-up when you hit the ball into a bunker or onto the green.

A game that's surprisingly playable on the GT64.