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ST Format

Action, Even On A Budget
By Action 16
Atari ST

Published in ST Format #20

Action, Even On A Budget

Action Sixteen have just released a series of half-price budget games. Although they're quite elderly now, they're still excellent games. If your budget doesn't run to 30 quid, try one of these for size.

  1. Rotor
    Rotor from Arcana first came out in 1989. You must pilot a Roto-raider craft behind enemy lines. To get you ready for battle, you can try out the six simulator tests. Then when you've earned sufficient "prestige units" you can go head-to-head with the enemy. The game itself is very much like Thrust - you're battling as much with gravity as with the alien emplacements. 73%
  2. Maya
    Maya is a graphic adventure, combining many disparate elements. However, it's not just a mish-mash - there is a plot in there: you're in search of lost treasure hidden in the depths of the Yucatah jungle. Watch your back, though, because Dr Olrik Karloff wants to beat you to it and he's got a jeep too. Maya is an enjoyable game with slick presentation and some nifty touches. 83%
  3. Hostages
    This game emerged in 1988 and had excellent reviews. You are in control of a Terrorist Combat Team and must rescue a group of hostages held by a terrorist group. Both the graphics and sound in this game are superb. The format is original and absorbing. This two year old game looks better than many new titles. 90%
  4. Cosmic Pirate
    Cosmic Pirate is, in many respects, similar to Rotor. Palace use an almost identical looking ship and similar gameplay in this space game. The idea is to go around blagging stuff from the space fleets, soup up your ship and stay alive. If you don't think you're good enough, then try one of the simulators. 80%