Your Sinclair

Zulu War

Author: Richard Blaine
Publisher: Cases Computer Simulations
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #18

Zulu Wars

If you've never played computer wargames before, this'd make a great game to start with - its easy to understand, the graphics are simple and colourful and it's an interesting subject.

The game's set in the 1800s and the action takes place just after the gallant defence of Rourkes Drift by the Brits. It's a one player game, and you take the part of the commander of the British army, fighting against the computer-controlled Zulu hordes.

Part of the attraction of this game is that it looks like one of those table top wargames. The troops of each side are shown on the map as if they were model figures, seen from above, and when they fire, little bullets streak out to hit the target (or not, depending on your aim). Giving your troops orders is dead easy. The computer goes through each of your units in turn and you can order them to move, or fire in a particular direction. If one of your units ends up next to some Zulus, you get a round of hand-to-hand combat. Your units are shown by a square of soldiers - five by five for the larger units, going down to one by one. As your men get injured the squares shrink, and when they get below one figure they're destroyed altogether.

A status display to the right of the map window gives you information on the strength of each unit, how brave it is and how efficient it is. As the game goes on, and the situations change, these levels change too. Once you've slaughtered all the Zulus you can find, and won through to the Zulu capital, the game's over and you've won.

That's really all there is to it - it's simple and zips along quite speedily. Not an easy game, but challenging and absorbing and definitely a good buy for the beginner.

Richard Blaine

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