By Ubisoft
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #75


It is said that when Hell is full the dead walk the Earth. Well, in Zombi it appears this is indeed the case: corpses have been rising from their graves all over the world. And they're after only one thing - human flesh (yuck). Into this nightmare situation you are thrown: you control the actions of four survivors of this disaster. They've escaped the deadly hordes in a helicopter, but are now are vainly searching the shopping center they were forced to land on for fuel. This doesn't stop the undead from getting peckish, and the search of the shops is dangerous. Best be quick abut getting that fuel.

Guide each of the members of your team (three guys and a gal), through the maze of corridors. The actual game area seen is small (about a third of the screen) because of the icon displays used to control the chosen player. Below the playing screen are the use, quit game, and save/load icons, above are graphical representations of the characters, with the objects collected screens and the current time on the side. Your view is a first person perspective through the characters' eyes, and to move you click on the arrows at the side of the playing screen. Visiting the shops in the precinct turns up handy objects such as guns, food, a computer and a torch for exploring sinister dark places.

Unfortunally UbiSoft haven't received much acclaim from CRASH recently. Zombi may be a turning point: it's really rather good. The zombies of the title really do scare you when first encountered. Although the sprites in general are monochromatic, they're well drawn. Fans of horror films might like to take a look, but only from behind the sofa.

MARK ... 80%

Nick ... 83%

'This has got to be one of the best games Ubisoft have ever done. It uses an old game style but brings it bang up to date with a good storyline, exciting locations and lots to do. You have to move around the 3-D building, picking up objects that may be useful and collecting fuel for your helicopter so you can escape the zombies. The four characters all have different strengths and weaknesses and each can be moved around separately. All the graphics are very well drawn and the 3-D works well. If only there was a bit more colour in the game. You can have great fun just roaming around shooting zombies and exploring the rooms, but with more time you could really get into the story and be totally addicted. Zombi is great, I'll be playing it for some time, you can't drag me away!'

Mark CaswellNick Roberts

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