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Computer Gamer

By Martech
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer Gamer #15


Licensing deals are getting ridiculous. First, there were films and TV shows and books, now toys are the subject of a computer game.

Zoids are a series of robot toys from Tomy - makers of the Verbot/Dingbot robots, which were the subject of a Computer Gamer competition recently.

Zoids are the intelligent robot warriors of a now dead race - the Zoidaryans. All that remain of them are the red zoids and the blue zoids, two types of warrior robots locked in eternal combat. You are on the side of the blue zoids and must assure their victory.

The game of Zoids was the subject of a Computer Gamer feature a few months ago, so I shall not dwell too long on the game, and concentrate on the main differences between this version and the other versions.

The Amstrad version of this game is most similar to the Spectrum version, the Commodore version is different from the other two. The screen display is broadly similar with an increase in resolution, and a slight change in the colours as a result, being the only real visual difference.

Gameplay is the same with the short 3D sequences for combat being especially effective. The game is also a bit faster than the original.

So, if you've seen and enjoyed the Spectrum version of this game then you won't be disappointed by the Amstrad one.