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Yie Ar Kung Fu
By Imagine
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 3.03

The task in this game is quite simple: all you have to do is defeat ten very dangerous martial arts experts with just your bare hands! Sounds simple? Well it's not at all. To start with you're faced with a sumo look-a-like, quickly followed by some heavily-armed attackers. Hands and feet may not sound like much, but used properly these can wreak some pretty severe damage. There are eight types of kicks and punches available, plus the ability to jump backwards and forwards.

The controls are a little complex but after a while become easier to use. The graphics of the characters on screen are large and varied. Each has a different style of movement and they are animated very smoothly. Game play is addictive as you try to find the weak spot of each person although I found the Feedle stage a little too hard and only rarely completed it. Even then I failed to last through Feedlell.

After Feedle has been defeated, the background changes from a mountain scene complete with melting snow and water fall to a picture of an oriental temple. Overall this is an excellent game by Electron standards and is well worth buying.

Matthew Fifield