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World Series Baseball
By Sega
Sega Saturn (EU Version)

Published in Mean Machines Sega #38

World Series Baseball

Sega plan to satiate the huge demand for baseball games in this country (irony) with World Series, which is a tinkered version of that charming import title Greatest Nine. It's Baseball with most of the trimmings, and the main annoying feature of the Jap game - the slow, unresponsive fielders have been given a kick up the jacksi by the wonderful PAL convertors!

For your pounds you get a virtual baseball stadium perspective, all kinds of leagues and options and commentary that runs while the game is in action. It's quite easy to pick up and play for baseball, with a sensible response to your batting skills, and opposition that gives you a chance. If you are one of the weirdoes that enjoy these glorified games of rounders, this is game of the month for you.


A solid baseball game for the Saturn that handles all aspects of the sport well.