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World Games
By Kixx
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #74

World Games

As the name implies, World Games takes up to four players across the world to participate in eight gruelling events.

After inputting their names and nationalities, the competitors are transported firstly to Russia to do some strenuous weightlifting. There are two lift types: 'snatch' and 'clean and jerk'. It's then onto one of Germany's frozen lakes to take part in the Barrel Jumping, but watch you don't break the ice.

If you are a budding Greg Louganis, the Cliff Diving in Mexico may be your cup of tea - smashing into the rocks can give you a real headache! Or if you prefer snow, the Slalom Skiing in France comes next, followed closely by Log Rolling in Canada.

We're into the final straight with the last few events, which are Bull Riding in the good ol' US of A, telegraph pole... sorry, Caber Tossing in Scotland and tea towel-wearing Sumo Wrestling in Japan. Of course, the rewards for winning are as many 'gongs' as you can carry and a place in the record books.

Way back in Issue 19, World Games received the highest ever mark ever awarded in Zzap!: an amazing 98%. In fact, the reviewers almost ran out of superlatives describing it.

Paul Sumner enthused: "All the events have a real sporty feel to them which makes them immediately addictive", while Gary Penn "could go on for ages describing the numerous humorous aspects of this game".

Kixx are very late re-releasing the disk version - there can't be many people who don't already own it by now. But if you are one of those unfortunate souls, buy it immediately (if not sooner) because it really is one of the best sporting sims around, despite its age.

The graphical detail is as near to faultless as you are likely to see and some of the animated sequences really are hilariously funny. Phil loves it so much he chose it as his game in this issue's inter-magazine challenge!