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World Cup Compilation
By Empire
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #57

World Cup Compilation

With the World Cup being hyped as the "most important sporting event in the history of the universe" it's not surprising that the software bandwagon's already full. Empire, though, has surprised everyone with a superstar transfer to their squad. World Cup Compilation may win no prizes for originality in the title stakes, but it could well play a mean off-side trap against some of the original stuff this summer.

World Cup Comp brings together three classic footie games together in one box. Gary Lineker's Hot Shot, Track Suit Manager and Kick Off - Yes, Kick Off still warm on the shelves as a full pricer - is here already as compilation fodder.

Empire, in a single stroke, has combined the strong, clear and pacey soccer graphics of Gary Lineker's Hot Shot (an AA Rave), the hectic chaos that is Kick Off and the rather slower-paced brain teaser Track Suit Manager. As a team, these boys complement each other perfectly and will provide a great challenge to anybody this summer. Let's just hope the competition itself can match the cut-throat pace set by the software strikers.


Overall 80%
A hardcore footie sim collection.

Trenton Webb

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