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World Class Soccer
By Kixx
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #86

World Class Soccer

When first released to coincide with the World Cup, this was known as Italy 1990. At the time, it far outshone Virgin's official licence, and it still holds a lot of frantic footy fun today.

There's the obligatory two-player mode, of course, but the real attraction is the full World Cup tournament with all 24 teams from Italia '90. Whichever nation you choose, you can select your team from a fairly authentic squad of star players - yep, there's Gazza in the England team, and Jim Leighton for Scotland! But as the game was originally released just before the real-life squads were announced, some players are missing, e.g. Mark Wright for England (we wouldn't even have beaten Egypt without him!).

The match action lets the side down slightly. It's a simple overhead-view game with ball-stuck-to-foot dribbling and played at a fast pace that makes clever passing difficult (a bit like British footy, really). It's not exactly Microprose, but still a better kickabout than many games I could mention (see my soccer round-up in the last ish!).

If you want to relive the thrills of the World Cup, this is certainly a better deal than £5.5 million for a 'daft brush'!