Amstrad Action

World Championship Boxing Manager

Author: Trenton Webb
Publisher: Goliath Games
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #57

World Championship Boxing Manager

One punch can shake the world. James 'Buster' Douglas proved that by flooring a very rusty 'Iron' Mike Tyson. Well, now World Championship Boxing Manager gives everybody the chance to become a Terry Lawless or Angelo Dundee, guiding a stable of heavyweight fighters towards fame, fortune or a serious kicking.

Using a 'quick flick' icon system, the game is run from an office containing all those essential items a successful manager needs. Files are in the cabinet with the dirt on every active boxer, lists of forthcoming bouts arrive by post, while a phone and filofax sit on your desk. Through the door is the physio and gym where your lads are patched up and trained.

World Championship Boxing Manager

Starting with up to four fighters at the tender age of 18, you must give them a chance to become a contender, pushing and shoving for the title 'Heavyweight Champeeeen of the World'. The choices centrally concern arranging and watching fights, whilst making sure everyone gets training and medical treatment between bouts. There's no money involved, give the other managers (all of which are trying for a title shot themselves) a decent share of the purse for a sensible match and it's fight time.

What makes manager sims so dull is the lack of action. Historically they've been all work and no play, with the manager getting a disjointed, second-hand account of a match and no influence over events. WCBM is different. With each fight over twelve rounds, you get a minute between each round to repair, refresh and re-define your fighter's tactics. If your boy's been taking a pasting, then it's time to touch up the cuts and bruises with the swab and irons. If the opponent's fading you can cut you fighter loose and tell him to go for a KO.

WCBMs fights are described in detail. The limit on the number of fighters in one stable keeps the game quick, while the lack of a money element is a positive knockout blow. Many good sims are ruined by throwing the player into a complex financial arena with no information about the true value/cost of personnel/prize money. Consequently, any would-be manager spends the first couple of years (if they last that long) making error after error learning the ropes. Not so with WCBM - here only the percentage of the purse is important, leaving the manager free to take care of those matters of minor interest, like winning!

World Championship Boxing Manager

The claims on the box of brilliant graphics are a tad overstated, but not wholly untrue. At least there's something other than text to look at. The bouts, with the boxer's face getting marked up during the fight, are good too. These touches take WCBM into a different league to your average, run of the mill, ho-hum everyday kind of management sim.

It's fun, fast and mildly educational. If you follow the 'noble art' but are too sensible to climb in the ring, this could be the next best thing! Besides the more people who play the game, the more chance we have of ever getting a British Heavyweight Champ!

Second Opinion

If you like using brains instead of brawn, fair enough. Otherwise, it's more fun in the ring.

Green Screen View

World Championship Boxing Manager

No different.


Graphics 62% Not stunning, but thorough.

Sonics 0% Silence reigns.

Grab Factor 66% Boxing fans only (well, mainly).

Staying Power 88% Titles are hard to win... even harder to keep!

Overall 71% No Sugar Ray, but a solid pro.

Trenton Webb

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