Wild West
By Ariolasoft
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer & Video Games #52

Wild West

Big Nose Bill and his gang of outlaws have captured Fort Snake.

You must try to recapture it by making your way through a whole series of Wild West scenes, collecting various objects as you go. The action includes a bank robbery, a shoot-out with the local sheriff, a stagecoach ride and a rodeo and lasooing contest.

Various pioneers, indians and cowboys also cross your path from time to time.

The Wild West

All standard Wild West type ingredients, you're thinking. And you would be right. But a strange dimension is added to the game by three "sprites" which appear below the screen and give help and advice. For instance: "It's boring here, let's go" or "Examine skull" and "Take a Rest".

It's up to you which piece of advice you take. The choices are disclosed by movements of the joystick and pressing the fire button chooses the desired one.

Quite how these strange little creatures have turned up in the Wild West is not explained but they appear harmless enough.

Wild West is graphically excellent.