Wild Streets

Publisher: Titus
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #100

Wild Streets

No wonder there's very little violence on the streets of France - the vigilantes walk around with black panthers by their side! The cat in this game helpes you, the hero by pouncing on any opponents you find too tough to handle as you patrol the push-scrolling levels in this horizontal beat-'em-up. Kicking, punching and shooting the gang members reduces their energy, but each time you miss with an attack, your own power goes down.

Make sure you have enough strength to attack the big boss at the end, and collect the ammo for your six-shooter as you go.

Wild Streets is a playable, if quite simple, game along the lines of Vigilante. The addition of the feline assistant adds originality, and is also useful to help you stay alive when surrounded by yobbos.

Wild Streets

Not an essential purchase but an enjoyable one nonetheless.


Great graphics, some originality and a fairly challenging mission make Wild Streets one of the better Amstrad games on the market.

Atari ST

Sprites are a bit stiff looking, but the game plays well enough. An appealing beat-'em to fans of this type of game.